Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Economy Sucks

Well, here we are post-one-day the economy saving "deal" whereby the country gets screwed so the lunatic Tea Party fringe of the Republican party can be mollified, and so they won't drive the economy into a ditch, from whence there's no idea of how long before it gets out. Make no mistake, my friends, this so-called deal on the debt ceiling is not a good deal for anybody. It will without question drag the economy further down. Further down from the dismal state it is in at the moment. In short, things are not getting better. They are going to get worse. And get a load of the baseline from which this will happen. Let these numbers sink in, my friends. Things are really dismal right now. Just wait until our stupid politicians' latest piece of asininity takes hold.

Source is Pro Publica, here.

Meanwhile, we learn that the stock market dropped over 200 points today over fears for the economy. I don't give a rat's butt about the stock market, but the "market" knows bad news when it sees it. And it knows the charade of a settlement deal that just happened doesn't do a thing to address the real problems.
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