Sunday, August 28, 2011

And about that procrastinating . . .

Funny you should mention it. I have to tell you what I've been working on fairly furiously on my trip report--are you ready for this?--for the trip Susan and I took last year to Ireland and Spain. I have let the thing lie fallow for months and months, and then I suddenly realized that if I procrastinate any longer, I will have dawdled till beyond a year since we took this trip. I couldn't let that happen. It would just be too much, ya know? I have promised this report to several people so long ago they for sure have forgotten all about it.

Good news is that I'm almost finished with it. It has definitely blossomed into a major project. At present it is well over 6,000 words long, illustrated, and chock full of links for those seeking further information. And I'm pleased to report that I'm almost finished. Fourteen pages of journal of the trip, and I'm now on page 13. This doesn't necessarily mean I'll be through tomorrow, but it does mean all I'll have left on the project is adding more pictures to the front of the report. Only problem now is if the damn thing will be too big to email because of all the JPEGs in the report. That would be a pain after all this work. But then I could put it somewhere like Dropbox and that would solve the problem, wouldn't it?

So stay tuned. Pretty good little write-up follows.
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