Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Class Warfare

A snippet from a recent episode of "The Daily Show." Jon Stewart knows how to skewer the pretentious blowhards from Fox better than anyone I know. But behind all the laughter this invokes, just remember that there are (many) people who think taxing the rich is "socialism." And "class warfare." Every time anything derogatory about the rich is said, they pronounce it class warfare. Anytime there's a suggestion that these people ought to be paying their way for the advantages this society affords them, it is pronounced by the bozos at Fox and others on the right. These jokers talk about socialism and class warfare as if they knew what they were talking about. Dumkopfs all . . . and the people that believe this crap, I'm afraid to say, are even dumber.

This is the continuation of the sketch above. They are of a piece. Underneath the laughs, I repeat, there's a really mean and sinister purpose. As Stewart puts it in his inimitable way at the close of this clip: "F--k those people . . . the poor."

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