Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Frightening Image

This is what the chair of the Democratic Black Caucus called it. He wasn't kidding; he knows whereof he speaks. The so-called deal passed on Tuesday is going to go hardest on the poor in society, and if you haven't heard, that means people of color basically. Cutting domestic spending falls disproportionally on programs that assist them. This is of course right in line with the aims of a substantial portion of the Republican party--I'm being as fair as I can. Maybe there's a Republican under a rock somewhere who does not want to cut social programs that help the disadvantaged and the middle class people of this country. For the life of me I cannot understand how anybody not in the economic top tier of the country can possibly think the Republican party has their interests in mind. Think about it for a second. What do they actually espouse that helps the 94 percent of the US people who have less than $100,000 annual household income? Think about it . . . I can't think of anything right off the top of my head. Indeed, all I can think of are policies and programs that help the other 6 percent, the people with all the money already. Now, I'm not against people making money. Not at all. But I am against greed and selfishness. My position is simple: citizens of the US who have been abundantly blessed by this society owe that society in proportion to their blessings. That's called fairness. That's called justice. Two things that the Republicans oppose, from every indication I've observed in them for years and years now.
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