Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Not Saying . . .

. . . that Jared Weaver is right, but come on! Guys like Carlos Guillen who showboated like hell after his home run that made the score 3-0, Detroit over Los Angeles Angels (in a game in the 7th inning in which the Angels had not yet gotten a hit) is just being a dick. I'm sorry. As most of you may know, I'm a stone traditionalist when it comes to baseball. And I just detest the modern day tendency for hitters to carry on in any way but professionally after hitting the ball out of the park. Mantle, Williams, Mays, et al. just trotted around the bases, head down, never looking at the opposing pitcher. Nowadays we have had to endure consummate assholes like Barry Bonds and his legion of imitators preening and strutting after hitting the ball out. It's low class and rotten sportsmanship, and it definitely breaks one of baseball's unwritten rules. Thou shalt not gloat before the eyes of your opponent.

So it's probably right that Weaver got tossed out of the game, but the pitch he threw never endangered the hitter. And it was a silly thing to do, especially after he had been warned by the umpire before doing it. But still . . .

You can read the story and watch the events in question right here.

Update I: Just read that Weaver has been suspended for six games. He's appealing, naturally.
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