Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Was Inspired

. . . by the sight, and felt moved to create.

Education Incidental: A Richly Hyphenated Observation 
of Back-to-School Day at the University of Oklahoma
Like a Great Plains locust plague on this college town the style-sneakered thousands descend. Coiffed, care-less, clothed with class, toting their pricey impedimenta in their pricier SUVs or shiny new pickups--Okie Cadillacs—or better-car-than-most at the least . . . unless, that is, parents perform chauffeuring duties, loaded-down Dads, puffing through parking lots in scalding heat like dray Ban-Lon beasts; Moms fussing with the little dear’s checklist of must-have-for-today’s-student stuff: dorm-room-ready fridge, microwave, TV, lamps, luggage, rugs, snack-and-sweets-laden groceries galore, and endless electronica: laptops, notebooks, iPhones, iPads, iPods, XBoxes, headsets, Gameboys, and video cams—and lest the rigors of frivolity momentarily wane, portable DVD players and a small stash of Daddy's cash to ease the pain. Tears aplenty at the parting. On their own now: in the heart of the don’t-know-crap-and-don’t-know-it years. Beer-soaked, hormone-stoked, soon-to-be debt-racked, oblivious as goalposts on a field of dreams.
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