Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here They Come

In Norman, this sort of thing
is positively oppressive.
Especially if you live about
3 blocks from the place.
I live in a university town, and this week the students in their thousands are descending upon us once again. I'm not complaining. If there is any oasis of culture and liberality in this scarlet state of Oklahoma, it's right here in Norman. The university imparts a certain sophistication, class, and urbanity to an otherwise dismally reactionary and politically grim area of the country. I don't have anything against individual Oklahomans. In fact, you'd have to go a long way to find people more inherently helpful and generous. They are always ready to help you. But these people are right-wingers to the core of their little Okie hearts. And moralistic, too. They're against all sin, especially demon rum. If there is a state with more primitive alcohol laws, I'd like to know which one it is. As a general rule, Oklahomans are against everything and anything that smacks even slightly of progressive thinking on just about any subject you can think of.

And so here's a whole new tribe of 'em, coming to OU to get a college education--whatever that means anymore. With the economy the way it is, I've been reading more and more articles questioning the value of the investment in college. (But that's another post.) So, ready or not, here they come. With their better-cars-than-I've-got, their iPhones, their youth, and Daddy and Mommy's money. Ah, those wonderful don't-know-shit-and-don't-know-it years. Beer soaked, hormone drenched, friend-stoked. The last taste of real leisure and idleness until retirement, which for these kids may not ever happen. But they don't worry about it . . . those things are a million years away. And of this tribe probably 75 percent of them will be borrowing huge sums of money. Daddy and Mommy may be kicking in a lot, but they can't afford to pay the little dear's whole way anymore. It's all beyond the reach of the middle class to afford what it costs for a kid to go to college. Even at state schools.

And are these kids ready for the world when they get out? Well, you tell me. I don't think anybody's ready for the world at 22 or 23, but maybe there are some exceptions. But are they educated? Nope. Not the way I define it, but then I'm a veritable cave man in these matters. People don't understand the concept the way I do. Nope, these people won't be educated . . . moreover, thousands upon thousands of dollars later, a substantial percentage of them will still be unread, unable to think critically. Easy prey for corporate bullshit and perfect for perpetuating Oklahoma's deadly ignorant politics. Go, Sooners!
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