Friday, August 19, 2011

Here, Rub Some on My Back

The 'Bama Bus
This is what our president, passing the sun tan lotion to Michelle, has probably said in some form since beginning his vacation at Martha's Vineyard after a hard week of driving around the Midwest in his new presidential bus, which cost us taxpayers a cool $1.1 million. Apparently it has everything you could possibly want in your very own bus, plus you get secret service protection, cleared traffic lanes, and door-to-door service. Pretty neat, eh?

You know, it's no wonder anybody who gets to the White House wants to stay there as long as possible. Just think about it. You may not get a single one of your policies enacted; you may make a gaffe your first day in office that taints your entire presidency; you may be the most unpopular president to ever hold the office. But for four years, you can lay up in your rack at 2:30 in the morning and order a bowl of chocolate chocolate chip* ice cream with some cookies, oh say coconut macaroons, on the side, and someone will bring it right to your bed, if you so desire. You never deal with traffic, delays, the wretched airport experience, packing, etc., etc. because you travel in luxury everywhere. God only knows all the other perks of being president. I don't know if anybody has ever tabulated them all. But I can say this as a president of this country, you and your family live ten times better than the richest, most pampered Middle Eastern potentate ever did.

Which brings me to the point. Which is the same one this guy makes:
. . . most folks who are still working in America are hardly able to afford to take a luxury vacation on such a posh island as Martha's Vineyard. Yet here is the president in posh surroundings lolling in the sun while at the same time hammering out a jobs plan. It is so grossly insensitive to those millions who are struggling, out of work, mortgages under water, savings depleted, many on the verge of homelessness (or already there) it boggles the mind.  . . .  [Obama's] instincts have completely abandoned him, not recognizing "instinctively" the wrongful impression and the "perception" he conveys by being on Martha's Vineyard in the lap of luxury while so many are suffering in these dire times. It's unconscionable.
Unconscionable, indeed. Need I remind you, that I've been saying over and over that Obama is just like all the rest of the pols. It's the power trip that these guys are addicted to, all of 'em. And the addiction gets fed any way it can.

*Of course it could be any flavor at all, cookie dough, pistachio--or sherbet, for that matter, or anything, a hot dog, some fries, a salad--I just listed my favorite flavor. 
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