Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dearly Hope He's Right

Rick Perry - Ready to Lead
John Cole informs today that Rick Perry, the certified loony who is governor of Texas, will get the nomination of the Republican party for president in 2012. Oh, I do so hope he is right. As all of you know, I'm not a great fan of Barack Obama, and it is not my intention to vote for the guy next time--and before you get all righteous about democracy and voting and all that, recall that I live in Oklahoma; it would not make any difference who I voted for in this scarlet state: the Republicans will get over 60 percent of the vote. Anyway, regardless of how much of a failure and fraud I consider Obama, no fact in existence is as plain as the fact that he would be the superior choice over any of the likely GOP hopefuls, as hopeless a collection of losers as could ever be imagined. All of these latter have sold their souls to the tea party movement. We're looking at a situation where the GOP nominee this go-round will be to the right of the last guy. The party is now bowing at the altar of the looniest among them, the tea party ideologues who can't even spell "rational" or "responsible."

Which is why this certifiable loony Rick Perry is such a wonderful choice for them to run for president. Because the tea party loves this guy. As Cole puts it:
He’s the right kind of ignorant, bigoted, religious nut that will attract the religious fanatics, he’s a gun loving cheerleader who speaks the secessionist code and the teabaggers will love him, he’ll talk constantly about deregulation and lower taxes and the money will be on board . . . 
You need to fire me from the ranks of anybody qualified to make observations on politics in this country if the voters decide next year that what's needed is some Tea Party nut in the White House. I don't think those people have any pull except in the Republican party, which is completely in thrall to these idiots.
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