Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Insane Country

We are an insane society. After Saturday's shooting in Arizona, of which I'm sure you are all aware--Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, D-AZ, shot point-blank in the head by some miracle survived. She is in critical condition. But the shooting rampage killed 6 other people including a beautiful 9-year-old girl, only a year older than my beautiful, precious granddaughter. Here's pictures of the victims.

The shooter was a 22-year-old right wing nut case. It doesn't matter how many people madmen kill with guns, nothing is going to change. There will be the usual laments about violence--"There's no place for violence in a free society," the president says. But the insane sale of guns to perpetrate the violence to anybody who wants one will continue. On "60 Minutes" tonight there was a story about the mayor of some small city in Mexico being kidnapped and killed by one of the drug cartels. He left behind a wife and three children. The cartels are buying their weapons--military grade automatic weapons, plus everything lesser--in the U.S. We're drenched in killing, brothers and sisters.

I'm so upset about all this I'm incoherent.

UPDATE I: The New York Times has a host of articles on the Arizona shootings here.

UPDATE II: Somebody on FB posted this quote from Michael Moore: ""If a Detroit Muslim put a map on the web w/crosshairs on 20 pols, then 1 of them got shot, where would he be sitting right now? Just asking."
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