Monday, January 3, 2011

Justice Denied

James Kuntsler, with whom I agree on many things, was his usual bitingly sarcastic self this Monday. And I quote:
The larger riddle of life-in-our-time surrounds the absence of the rule of law in money matters. To say that people are actually running things out there doesn't mean that are running them effectively or optimally. The US Department of Justice, for example, appears to be led by a zombie, Attorney-General Eric Holder, somebody of this world but no longer quite in it, who is pioneering a new method of Zen law enforcement based on a maximum of doing and saying of nothing. Of course, my ongoing theory since the national election of 2008 is that Barack Obama has been warned repeatedly by many credible figures that any move to disturb the operations of banking would bring down such a wrathful ruin on this nation that he had no choice but to keep his hands off the levers of enforcement. In fact, it's the only theory that explains adequately the yawning gap between reality and the representation of it by those assumed to hold authority.
I've not been able to figure out why there's been no move by this Justice Department to prosecute much of anything really. Come on, quickly now. Tell me what the US Department of Justice has done since Obama took office? Not only is the rule of law absent in money matters, but also in the conduct of foreign policy. Think about it, for two years after the close of a virtually criminal administration's two terms, not only has there been no move to impose justice on the criminals, instead we have the spectacle of a supposedly Democratic administration embracing many of the Bush-era policies. That in itself should be a crime.
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