Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Quixotic . . . what a fine word! I especially like it because it embodies the futility of  . . . what? Human endeavor? Planning for the future? American politics? War? All of the above? Yeah, probably. But what made me think of the word was this little article in The Smirking Chimp. All you half dozen regular readers know that I occasionally, and in fact just recently this time, go off on the idiocy of this country's drug policies. You all know the arguments: gargantuan waste of resources in a fruitless moral crusade that is failing at every juncture, overstuffed prisons, life's blood for the Mexican drug cartels, incubator of massive corruption up and down the government . . . well, the little piece in question has this short little plea (less than a minute) for consideration of legalization by yet another law enforcement official, who as a class are overwhelmingly in favor of legalization. They should know better than any of us how utterly futile our vaunted "war on drugs" has been.

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