Monday, January 17, 2011

Definitely a Good Thing

Who out there among us doesn't think the impending release by Wikileaks of a huge chunk of Swiss bank records is not a good thing? According to a story today in Raw Story, data from thousand of Swiss bank accounts will soon be released into cyberspace. Rudolf Elmer, a former employee of the Swiss bank Julius Baer "released two optical discs he said carried files showing massive, unmitigated tax evasion by American, Asian and European individuals and corporations. He said that many of the records dealt with accounts held by organized criminals, politicians and celebrities around the world." He says he opposes "the system [of secret banking]" which damages society. Well, I would think so.

Well, let me guess who doesn't think this is a good thing: Swiss banks, all banks, organized crimes, and the thousands upon thousands of fat cat tax dodgers. Now, I haven't yet seen reaction to this news--it's pretty fresh right now as I type. But can you imagine the howl of anguish that's going to arise from people who are about the be exposed? And the law suits? This in itself will be proof positive that the data needs to see the light of day. I shake my head almost daily over the myriad ways ordinary people are being screwed by rich people who refuse to acknowledge any debt whatsoever to the common good and who do everything in their power to avoid contributing to that good.

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