Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guilt Trip

Visitors are great things. And if you live in Oklahoma, just the thought of anybody leaving where they are just to come visit you . . . well, that's a warm fuzzy that's really hard to describe. January has been a great month for us. Just last week, my brother and his wife were here from Louisiana. And on Wednesday evening my sister who lives in Salt Lake City came over. She's still here, out with my wife, daughter, and granddaughter on an all-girl jaunt to Guthrie, OK, which for those of you wondering what's there--well, for women it's got "shops," which is usually all you have to say about a place to make it attractive to them. But it also has the distinction of the being the first capital city of the Territory of Oklahoma. So it just tickles me to death that I have such a loving family, people who love us enough to travel halfway across the country to land in . . . Oklahoma! Just to see us. Touches the heart, really does.

But you know what else it does? Causes one to fall behind on blog entries. It's guaranteed: because your attention is on your guests, not on the routine. And the routine is a blog entry daily. Now, I know there are lots of people who would consider this downright silly. After all, it's not like thousands are out there hanging on my every daily word. Hell, no. I'd be happy if there were one person out there who idly wonders now and again what I'm scribbling. But that's not it. It's the obsessive part of me that insists every day without a blog entry is a day for guilt. So yep, I confess, that even when you're not reading my drivel because I did not post that day, I'm feeling guilty for not posting another daily dollop of drivel. How pathetic is that?
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