Monday, January 24, 2011

A Rare Double Dip

It's highly unusual for me to post twice to the blog in one day, but I've got to make an exception here. First, because I didn't post yesterday and I missed a day last week with my brother and sister-in-law visiting. And second, because I just read this, and I'm revolted, disgusted, and chagrined, but not at all surprised. Let me list for you the key items on the Republican agenda. (You can read the source article here.) Now, remember, these are the oh-so-earnest people who trumpeted their desperate concern for the burgeoning deficit and their unswerving and fierce commitment to job creation for all those Americans still suffering under- and unemployment from the now two-year downturn in the economy.

So what are these Republicans about? Well, they are all about cutting government spending. Everybody knows that this is going to provide jobs, right? That government spending is why the country is experiencing a so-called jobless recovery, i.e., more money for the filthy rich fat cats, in fact, more than before. And nothing for the middle class and working people but more squeeze on their already-scrimped budgets. So here's the GOP program to fix things for these suffering people. Ready? A spending bill that will eliminate these programs:
When did the arts and humanities and PBS get redefined as something a civilized society should not support? Well, friends, these things have been anathema to the religious Right for a long time. They are secular, you see, and by definition anti-God. Moreover, "people who support Republicans see little value in the arts, science, or education. Republicans have successfully made the connection between arts programs and the liberal elite, and in fact, eliminating programs like PBS and the Arts are programs that Newt Gingrich targeted in 1995." 

And it's certainly no surprise that the Republicans are kowtowing to the energy industry--why else go after the Energy Star program and fuel efficient cars? This is payback for all those millions of dollars the Koch brothers have poured into GOP coffers. And lest you think the liberal elite, whom the Republicans hate with a burning hatred, is the only target, be aware that Title X is aimed almost solely at low-income people.

From the article again: "The Republicans’ efforts are little more than a culture war meant to destroy an entire way of life in America at the behest of the energy industry and religious right. Republicans promised to create jobs during the midterm campaign, but the reality is they are only interested in eliminating programs that help the disadvantaged and enrich the oil industry. Although the American people said their priority was economic recovery and job creation, Republicans have not made any attempts at either."

We're in for the Bush years on steroids with these people. This is not what the American people voted for in November. But the American people were never the ones the Republicans were intent on helping.

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