Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Pearls of Great Price
All Different, All Precious
My brother Ben and his wife Margaret arrived yesterday from Baton Rouge for a four-day visit. I'm really pumped. It brings me deep joy to see them, be with them. A good occasion for me to state that after chasing a lot of other stuff around for lo, these many years, wasting my time, I've finally reached the only conclusion it seems to me a sensible person must arrive at. There are only two important things in this life. Just two. Family and friends. There's no traditional treasure that comes even close in value. Not fame, fortune, or even health. Health you may have, even for a long time, but you will lose it. It's inevitable. Your family, your friends . . . these are lasting. These you do not lose. They are the pearls of great price. My dear family, all my dear friends. You are the blessings in my life. You grace it and lift me up.
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