Friday, July 31, 2009

Trough of Dark Despair

The title is where I am with this whole health care thing. That is to say, I think health care reform is going to be defeated . . . or, worse, some cumbersome conglomeration of hash will pass that doesn't reform anything and only assists the very people whom health care reform is meant to stymie: big pharm, hospitals, and the health insurance thieves. Of course, the assistance to these enemies of health care reform will be hidden in the depths of the hash. What I'm saying is I don't think the country is going to see any meaningful health care reform, because I define that as legislation that cuts drastically in to the profits of the aforementioned criminals. The ideal, of course, would be a reform that completely eliminates profits in health care, single payer. But that only happens in my dreams and yours.

Robert Creamer has a good piece about health care reform in today's Huffington Post. He still thinks it's possible that reform will pass. He makes the point that's the whole reason I think reform is doomed. The role of fear in the process. The focus is the "four emotions that will drive the outcome of this essentially political battle: fear, anger, hope and inspiration." To me, only the first two are of any real potency. If hope and inspiration are of any meaning at all in an "essentially political battle"--and I don't think they count for much in this one--then they have been drained out of me already.

Here's what I think: there are way too many, millions too many stupid people in this country who are going to be convinced and already are convinced by the unadulterated b.s. being shoveled by the ton by health care reform opponents into every possible medium. All the same tired lies: rationing, loss of choice in doctors, government bureaucrats, etc., etc., etc. The only reason somebody would believe this horse crap is because they're scared. And you can bet the heartless, greedy bastards who are moving heaven and earth to keep the billions flowing into their pockets are going to try to keep everybody petrified with fear. Talk about terrorists.
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