Saturday, July 11, 2009

Money Talks, Sarah Walks

The Alaskan Bimbo Sarah Palin has hit the news big time again. A week ago she up and just quit her job as Alaska governor. To the mystification and surprise of everybody. There's still a great deal of speculation as to exactly why. Her own explanation is virtually gibberish. I can make no sense of it, and neither many other people. See what you make of it. At least one explanation she offered, that she would save the state of Alaska all this money it was spending fending off ethics charges, has been shown to be bunkum.

So to say the least speculation about why she is quitting has been rampant. But I'm here to tell you, the best and most likely true scenario is the one painted by Levi Johnson, the dude who was engaged to be married to Palin's daughter, the guy who got her preggie. Anyway, Johnson says Palin needs the money. She owes about $500,000 in legal fees, but she can get several million dollars advance on a book deal. (Just as an aside, it always is a source of amazement to me the vast amounts of money publishers will front celebrities--and certainly Palin is better qualified for this title than say, vice president, or even governor--for books that at best rise to the level of terrible. I wonder, too, who spends perfectly good money on such things.) There's also been talk of a reality show . . . how many truly needy people could be helped by the millions about to be lavished on this silly woman simply because she's famous?

Update I: Sarah Palin says she is not quitting politics, she's just "changing her priorities." Interesting--that when you're the governor of a state you should discern that your priorities do not include completing your term in office.
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