Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pot's Coming

I'm finally getting around to pot. You know, the piece about the herb that I said I was going to do early last week and then got distracted. What got me thinking about the subject was an article I ran across several days ago. California, a true pauper among the states, $26 billion short in the state's budget, has seen serious moves made in the state legislature on the pot question. Actually, it's not much a question: the state legislature has a proposal to legalize weed outright so as get at the $1.2 billion in estimated tax money it would raise. A congresswoman has also introduced a bill to lay a tax on medical marijuana, which is legal in California. (Actually, this kind of surprised me. I would have thought they were taxing it already.) Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger has called for serious discussion of the subject. Bottom line is that no action on this subject is about to happen in California this year. But . . . marijuana is, in my opinion, on its way to legalization. It's power to raise dollars for state governments staggered by the recession is not going to go away.

Articles like this one certainly seem to indicate that marijuana is a growth industry in California, and as in so many other things, as California goes, so goes the nation. Pot is a massive business in California. Last year's crop was worth about $17 billion. That is a lot of scratch.
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