Tuesday, July 7, 2009

OK . . . Enough Already!

Here's what I say: Thank God they've finally got Michael Jackson in the ground--well, maybe not yet because I think the family still has a private thing to do. But the massive memorial today in Los Angeles which was broadcast live worldwide and viewed by millions is finally over. (Thousands more people came to Los Angeles from Japan, Scotland, Aftrica! just to stand outside on the sidewalk near where the memorial happened.) After almost two weeks of near saturation coverage of the death of a song and dance guy, maybe the frenzied, slavering networks can get back to their normal task of dispensing just their normal eyewash and brainless banalities. Instead of the unrelieved, breathless hype they've been spewing for days about this pop star. You would think they were covering the death of president or something. Only difference: the TV would not go on this long if it were a mere president. Nor would people be interested this long. There are people out there who have been watching TV about Michael ever since the guy died almost two weeks ago.

Here's what I say: Don't ponder too long what all this hoopla and solemnity over the death of a maladjusted pedophile freak might mean. Or what it says about our society. Might give you an Excedrin headache.
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