Monday, July 13, 2009

Dolts, Buffoons, Etc.

Every once in a while, something comes along that just tickles me. This was one of those things. Let me quote a line:

"America’s history of electing dolts, buffoons, scoundrels, knaves, low-jackers, pig-fuckers, gomers, dog-whistlers, Kloset Klansmen, recidivists and sheep pimps to the Highest Elected Office in the Land does not make one optimistic about the prospects for Barackapalooza."

This is the kind of marvelous invective that I can't write myself, which maybe is one of the reasons I find the piece so enjoyable. I don't think I've got much quarrel with any of the characterizations either. I've long been a spokesman for the "Jimmy Carter Will Be Vindicated by History" point of view. And anybody can tell you what I think of Reagan, W, his father, Tricky Dick, etc. The first two so ignorant as to lead to a false sense of security when a guy with obvious intelligence such as Obama comes along. That--intelligence--of course, is no guarantee of anything being broken being fixed, and everything is broken. As I've intimated, and the current piece suggests, even given the immense problems Obama faces, he's not exactly going at the enemy tooth and nail. Indeed, it's beyond question that he's all about saving the scumbags of banking and Wall Street that brought us to our present pass.
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