Thursday, July 9, 2009


Recently I wrote an email to a bud in which I had occasion to enumerate my frustrations with the Obama administration. The buddy sent me an op ed piece he wrote in favor of the House energy bill. I'm not real crazy about that, but I'll leave that discussion till tomorrow. For now let me just share with you the several issues I have with Obama:
  • Afghanistan war--we should be OUT, out completely, not building up; that place is a tar baby. I cannot believe this country is engaged in yet another war in the Middle East that's got no defined purpose. Why exactly are we there? What are we trying to accomplish, and how do we know when we've accomplished it?
  • Defense of Bush wire tap policies.
  • Continuation of Bush secrecy policies.
  • No prosecution of torturers. In typical American fashion, this once hot issue has dropped out of sight.
  • No prosecution of the malefactors of great wealth on Wall St and elsewhere. We're supposed to be satisfied with Bernie Madoff as a sop prosecution, the marquee bad guy. But hundreds more just as guilty remain. I don't think Obama is going to send any of these people to jail.
  • No executive order on "don't ask, don't tell." Obama is tossing that issue to Congress rather than cutting to the chase himself. Cool strategy. It keeps the onus of what will be unpopular with some people off himself. It will take longer this way, but Obama's butt is covered because he can now claim the policy change is the will of the country and not just the president.
  • Pussy-footing with the worthless set of bastards that call themselves the Republican party. I say to hell with these people. All they have done since the beginning is oppose everything outright. And in that vein, he better not be getting ready to sell the country out to big Pharm, AMA, big Insurance, and the hospital industry on health care. I hear disturbing things emanating from the White House about how far they're willing to go to appease these crooks.
You think that's enough? It seems to me that the core of Obama support is the left, not the mushy middle, not the Blue Dogs. He needs to start scratching that itch and soon. How else should the result of the election of 2008 be interpreted? The left didn't install this guy to accept the status quo in Washington on anything. But he seems perfectly willing to do so on too many things.
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