Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've been so tied up trying to get my paper done for Saturday's Civil War shindig in Louisiana, I haven't been able to post a blog entry. Would you believe I miss it? This little few minutes a day where I get to say anything I want about anything I want. I'm convinced that to enjoy doing this, you have to have something of the egoist about you, at least have a fairly good opinion of yourself.

Doesn't everybody who blogs expect somebody to read them? I cannot imagine anybody would do this and not expect that somebody out there in the whole wide world would take the time to read. Otherwise why do this? Is not the whole point to communicate with somebody? And in the case of blogs, anybody?

Nobody writes letters anymore. When's the last time you actually got a letter that somebody had written? Blogging, I think, resembles letter writing. In some cases, it can be an intimate form of communication, blogging, that is. In all cases, it's self-revelatory to some degree. And that's because the writer wants to do that. Wants to let you know him or her. In a way, blogging is kinda sad. All these people saying "Here, here I am. This is me." And they don't say it to another real person. They say it to a screen.
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