Monday, June 29, 2009

Jesus Loves Guns

Is there no end to the insanity of gun nuts? It seems not. Did you not realize how much the Lord loves guns? Well let me help understand. In Louisville, Kentucky, Ken Pagano--the NY Times story doesn't call him "Reverend," which seems about right to me--pastor of the Bethel Church there, last week invited all his parishioners and any other idiot who wanted to do it to bring their gun to church on last Saturday night. Wear it or carry it. Doesn't matter. According to this nut, "God and guns were part of the foundation of this country," and "Not every Christian denomination is pacifist.” Right. Jesus was all about guns and self-defense, about the right to carry concealed weapons so you can kill somebody if you take a mind to it anytime, anywhere.

What are you going to do with people like this? Hey, I have an idea: let's let those poor, unfortunate pot smokers out of prison and replace them with truly dangerous people like this "Christian."

The rest of this story is not encouraging. I didn't know that 40 states have so-called "right to carry" laws, and 20 of them allow guns in churches. Well, why not? They are letting people carry them in restaurants, parks, bars, cars.

"Public attitudes also seem to be turning more sympathetic to gun owners. In April, the Pew Research Center found for the first time that almost as many people said it was more important to protect the rights of gun owners (45 percent) than to control gun ownership (49 percent). Just a year ago, Pew said, 58 percent said gun control was more important than the rights of gun owners (37 percent)."

Update I: About 180 people took Pagano up on his invitation on Saturday, the Times reports. All kinds of talk about self-defense and the gun-God partnership. "I believe everybody should carry a gun," said one attendee.

Good Lord, help us!
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