Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vote of No Confidence

The Consumer Confidence Index for May, 2009: -53, a new low. That, brothers and sisters, is what the American people think about about how well this "recovery" is going. Less than 40 percent of them are satisfied with the state of their own personal finances. And we should probably discount this figure by removing the super rich, the Wall Street bankers and tycoons, and the other malefactors of great wealth who are delighted with the state of their personal finances, who not only are not being hurt by these dire economic times, but are actually prospering. You do realize that Wall Street is continuing pay huge salaries and bonuses, right? You do know that not a single CEO on Wall Street has lost his job as a result of his gross mismanagement, right? The American people at least know enough to be worried about their situation, but apparently don't know enough to know that they're still in the process of being royally screwed by the perpetually greedy and that the only way to reverse this situation is grab their congressmen and senators by the throat and shake them till they turn purple and then kick their asses until they promise on their children's lives that they will go back to Washington and vote for the interests of the little people of this country, the people who have been so abused and used by the current system. I mean, look where we are, brothers and sisters. Have you ever seen this country in such shape? Who have you talked to lately that's got a functioning brain who thinks things are getting better? Who's not worried about the future for his or her children or grandchildren? This ain't the America we know; it's the nightmare we get for deciding that oligarchy--and don't kid yourself, that is exactly what we have--is the best form of government to achieve prosperity and protect the rights of everybody.
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