Thursday, October 25, 2012

Romney Pants a Conflagration

Matt Taibbi has it so right about Romney in a recent blog post. He was in the process of dissecting what Mitt's performance during the second presidential debate, which, by the way, he heaped generous and deserved amounts of scorn upon. But the quote I want to bring to your attention is this one:
Romney's finally all the way to the endgame, and he's just letting go. No more being careful, and weighing himself down on debate stages with painstakingly parsed positions (this was frequently the situation in the primaries, where Romney's performances were always restrained and cautious, even when he "won"). Now there's no more future to worry about and he's just casting off from his moorings and being what he basically is at heart, which is a salesman and bullshit artist of the highest order.

What's the man lying about? Everything. He's just making stuff up as he goes along. 12 million new jobs he's going to create? Where's that number coming from? Moving towards a balanced budget by cutting everyone's taxes by 20 percent and spending $2 trillion more on defense over ten years? HUH? Keeping all the stuff that's popular about the health care reform but killing "Obamacare"? He's been pro-gay, now anti-gay, pro-choice now anti-choice, centrist on guns, now a right wingnut on the subject. (List of all his flip-flops here.)

This guy's so much of a liar that the president of the U.S. is recently on record as calling him a "bullshitter." (Which I'm sure is going to raise the righteous hackles of the whole Republican bullshit brigade. I can hear the screeches already.) Which pretty much brands Obama as a fearless truth-teller, at least in this instance.

Liar, liar! Pants on fire? Hell, Romney's are a conflagration.
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