Sunday, October 14, 2012

Harpooned--A Continuing Series

Bullets from the latest "Harper's Index" in the November 2012 number of Harper's. Given as usual with little or no comment.
  • Portion of the total U. S. corn crop that goes to make ethanol: 2/5
  • Average number of square miles by which the Arctic sea ice decreased each day this summer: 36,400 [how often have you heard "global warming" during the current political debates?]
  • Estimated number of gallons of raw sewage spilled off the coast of Tijuana following an August pipeline break: 5 million
  • Portion of U.S. workers age 50 or above who plan to delay retirement because the financial crisis: 1/2
  • Projected worldwide surplus of low-skill workers by 2020: 93 million
  • Projected worldwide deficit of high- and medium-skill workers by that time: 85 million
  • Portion of people residing outside the United States who say they like American pop culture: 2/3
  • Who say it is a "good" thing that American ideas and customs are spreading: 1/4
  • Percentage of Americans in 1992 who believed gun laws should be stricter: 78
  • Percentage who believe so today: 43 
  • Rank of "I don't know" among the most common answers Republicans give when asked why black voters support Democrats: 1
  • Rank of "government dependents" want "something for nothing": 2
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