Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Strays

Sorry to bore you with more websites. I left a couple out when I was pointing you to some in earlier posts this week. These are actually too useful not to tell you about.
  • GetHuman - This site will get you the best, fastest customer service at more than 8,000 countries (at the moment) in 45+ countries. Everybody has had the maddening experience of going through endless layers of computer "assistance" when they are calling corporate America about a problem or with a question. I don't even mess with the printed "help" numbers anymore. I just go right to this site and type in the company. Much more satisfying experience, I can tell you.
  • Newspaper Archives on the Web - Okay. This one is a little esoteric. But I'm a historian of 19th Century America. Besides original handwritten documents, there probably isn't a more valuable resource to us than newspapers. This site provides links to places that allow access these papers. There are quite a few of them such as More than newspapers can be had. There are many periodicals of all kinds. A few of the sites cost money, but the majority are free. 
  • List of Reference Desks on the Net - Last one, I promise. Just a blizzard of places you can go to hunt down stuff on the Net.
OK. Done. It's amazing what's out there on line. It truly is. 
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