Monday, October 22, 2012

Not Again!

Well, boys and girls, tonight is the third and (thank you, Jesus) last so-called debate in the presidential campaign. Almost since the beginning "debate" has been a misnomer for the spectacle of two guys standing (or sitting or striding around) spouting campaign talking points for 90 minutes, largely ignoring the question, and posturing for the huge national audience that somehow through all these years have never felt moved to rise up in protest over this farce.

But there I go again, positing an educated electorate, which is the furthest thing from the voters of this country. One of the things that makes the so-called debates so crucial is how the candidates play on television. And indeed, one of the truly loathsome aspects of the debates is the endless "analysis" that one must endure after the things end. And a lot of this chatter is about appearances, mannerisms, expressions, and all kinds of other nonsense that has nothing whatever to do with the issues of the campaign. Not that these get any kind of coherent airing out. But this is the kind of nonsense that the airheads out there can understand.

Jim Kuntsler says the whole process makes him sick. I concur. I cannot wait for this farce to be over. I've been sick of it for months.

Update I: I went to sleep during the so-called debate.
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