Monday, October 8, 2012

No, Not Really

PBS News tonight was all breathless about how the race is tightening up between Romney and Obama in the wake of Romney's uncontested "win" in the debate last week. Well, here's news: everybody who thinks Romney is somehow surging on the basis of that unrelieved torrent of lies and flip-flops he presented to the nation the other night had better think this over just one more time. Here's the straight skinny, covering a half-dozen swing states and the national numbers. Should note that the guy from Pew Research was on PBS tonight. Hence the big Romney puffery going on.

* IOWA: Obama 49%, Romney 47% -- Obama +5% since 2 weeks ago (Rasmussen)
* COLORADO: Obama 49%, Romney 48% -- Obama +3% since 2 weeks ago (Rasmussen)
* VIRGINIA: Obama 50%, Romney 47% -- Romney +2% since 2 weeks ago (Public Policy)
* MICHIGAN: Obama 48%, Romney 45% -- Romney +7% since 1 month ago (EPIC-MRA)
* MICHIGAN: Obama 49%, Romney 46% -- Obama +1% since 1 month ago (Baydoun)
* PENNSYLVANIA: Obama 47%, Romney 45% -- No change since 2 weeks ago (Susquehanna)

In the national trackers, Obama expanded his lead from 3% to 5% in the Gallup daily tracker and Romney's 2% lead fell to a tie in the Rasmussen daily tracker. Pew Research had an attention-grabbing poll showing Romney up 4%.

All of which means, Obama's numbers are going to be better tomorrow and the next day.

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