Friday, October 19, 2012

Just a Taste

. . . of a thoroughly enjoyable, but totally serious read at The Smirking Chimp. (Here) It's worth the whole read, of course.

So, shall we review:

The Catholic Church is anti-gay
The Mormon Church is anti-gay
The Boy Scouts are anti-gay.

The Catholic Church protected pedophiles
The Boy Scouts protected pedophiles
The Mormon used to protect polygamist-pedophiles

The Catholic Church represses women
The Mormon Church (LDS) represses women
The Evangelicals repress women

The Boy Scouts .. "Hey, who needs women? We have young boys."

I'm sick of the lot of them. Republicans who shout "voter fraud," and are then caught engaging in voter fraud.

Sick of "super-patriot" groups like the Boy Scouts of America, touting their "American values" getting caught, not just breaking the law, but protecting the perps and violating the trust of parents and society.
And I am sick of holier-than-thou religious folk who endlessly try to impose their beliefs on those who don't share them, don't want them or believe in them. But then also change those beliefs like dirty underwear whenever it suits their need for money, power and their tax-exempt money-making rackets.
[He's referring here to the evangelicals of America embracing the Mormon Mitt Romney. Until now Mormons have been considered an unholy "cult." But of course--there's that black guy in the White House. We can't have that. God is definitely against that.]
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