Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not Necessarily Yummy, & Even Less Likely Nutricious

You know how I like lists. I'm going to give you another one I ran across mainly because I don't really feel like talking about the two really big things in the news. First, and everlastingly, the damn presidential campaign. Glory be to God a week from tomorrow and the damn thing will be done. And then there's Sandy, a truly big, bad storm bearing down on the mid-Atlantic and New England states. I feel sorry for those people. Apparently, the hurricane is going to be juiced considerably by some other curious weather events taking place at the same time and area. It's going to be bad.

Hardly clucks: #8 in fact
But no, my thoughts today are really running to the mundane. A list I can across of the most valuable fast food franchises. (Here's the source.) Now, my guess is the presence of any of these corporations on this list is not going to surprise you. The fun is in covering up the list seeing if you can guess them. And if you're a real pro at this sort of thing, try to guess them in order. The order . . . that's what might surprise you. Mickey Dee is going to be first. (Wanna take a gander at the numbers? Are you sitting down? McDonald's has 14,000 locations worldwide. In 2011, it turned a profit of $34.2 billion dollars. And the net worth of the burger place is $91 billion. The question is who comes after.

So here they are, ta-da--the most valuable fast food outfits around:

1. McDonald's
3. Wendy's
4. Burger King
5.Taco Bell
6.Pizza Hut
7. KFC
9. Sonic
10. Domino's Pizza 

Okay, who's surprised to see Chik-Fil-A on the list?

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