Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yet Another Great Big Lie

Paul Krugman is out today in his blog reminding us of one of the biggest lies floated by the Republican party lately. To wit: "the zombie claim that fears of regulation are holding back job creation." There is "not a shred of evidence" to uphold this assertion, but evidence has never been a matter of great concern to the Republicans. Over the past few years, the old adage about the big lie is being proven over and over again. This stuff about regulations stifling the creation of jobs is no more absurd than the claim that the current state of the economy is something that Obama is responsible for (and not the ruinous Bush administration policies) or that the richest people in our society, who have to be protected from taxation, are job creators. Or the biggest falsehood of all: that the Republican party is honestly concerned about providing jobs during this recession rather than making as much political hay as they can so they can regain power next year. Yeah, I know you cannot believe any politicians, regardless of party. But, come on, there's a limit to the lies they should be allowed to tell.

Krugman references this article which totally debunks the Republicans' claim. Stomps all over it. Thoroughly proves it to be just another lump of bullshit the GOP are feeding us and calling it roast beef. What's truly discouraging is how many people are swallowing it down and asking for more. It's not made sense to me for many months.
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