Monday, September 19, 2011

Been Here Before

The President was out in the Rose Garden today talking tough about what he will do if the Congress (read "Republicans") sends him a deficit reduction plan that doesn't include new revenue (read "taxes"). He says he will veto it. I wonder if this veto promise is like the one last December when he was not going to budge on renewing tax cuts for the rich? Obama is presenting a plan for reducing the deficit and providing jobs for people through spending on infrastructure projects, among other things. To get money for the latter, he posits the necessity for raising more money in the time-honored fashion of all governments since the Pharohs: raising taxes. But you can forget that. Obama's plans are DOA in the Tea-Party-crazed House.

What's the scenario here, folks? We've been here before. It's just another variation on a common theme we've been hearing for the last three years. That is, the Republican party will stiff Obama on whatever he proposes that they don't want, and that includes ANY new revenue-raising measures at all. They will not compromise. They have yet to compromise with the White House. How in the name of hell can anybody suppose they're going to change now? These people are not going to budge a centimeter until after the election over a year from now. And they don't give a flying f--k what damage is done to the country or to the poor, the working stiffs, and other middle class suckers out there. All that matters to the Congressional obstructionists is keeping their corporate masters happy.  Seizing power again November 2012 is all these guys care about. Nothing else.

USA Today has several stories about this depressing subject. See here and here.
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