Friday, September 16, 2011

Can't Help It

I'm constantly dickering around on the computer searching for new ways of doing things better. Susan would dispute this. She claims at times to be a computer widow. (Although, in truth, that's a bit of a wash when you consider all her myriad social engagements . . . but that's another post.) Anyway, I just took a big step yesterday of switching back to the Firefox browser from Google's Chrome browser. I don't do these things lightly; I have to have a good reason. Well, in this case, Chrome had really gotten so slow connecting to the Net that I couldn't stand it anymore.

So I took the huge step of changing everyday browser. Back to Firefox after some time--well over a year, I think. The current version of Firefox (7.0) is much quicker than what I left behind. The chief objection I had to it before has been somewhat alleviated. In Chrome, typing in the navigation pane automatically engages the Google search engine. It's quite handy. In Firefox 7.0, you can do this too by typing a "g" before whatever entry you make. (Firefox uses the Yahoo engine by default.) You can search Amazon and Wikipedia with an "A" and "W" prefix. This is a small bump in the road, and once you get used to it, no big deal. The burn-in period on a new piece of software is about a week. I think I'll be totally comfortable in less time.
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