Thursday, September 1, 2011

B-day minus one

It's the day before I turn 68 years old. I mention this for a couple of reasons. First, I probably won't mention it tomorrow because Susan and I are meeting four other family members in Dallas tomorrow to go to the LSU-Oregon football game in the gigantic eighth wonder of the world "Jerrydome" there. That stadium is literally only about two long blocks from The Ballpark in Arlington, where to tell the truth, I'd much rather be watching the Rangers play baseball, much as I love the Tigers of LSU.

The second reason I mention this is because I never imagined getting to this age in my life. I suppose this is a common occurrence. I mean not imagining it. You really aren't there till you're there. But still . . . it's passing strange to be sitting here, the same guy I've always been (except maybe a bit wiser, you'd have to consult others on that), and yet I'm only two years from being 70! Which really seems like some sort of Rubicon to me. My 90-year old Mom says I'm young. Proving once again that truth, as Isaac Newton put it, is a "great ocean."
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