Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On the Road Again

Like the old Willie Nelson song . . . we're off again on travels, this time down to Baton Rouge for the wedding of a niece. To tell the truth, although I'm looking forward to seeing all the relations on both sides while we're there, I'm weary of traveling, especially when the travel involves aircraft. I'm fast approaching the point where I am going to be very reluctant to fly anywhere that I can drive in a reasonable amount of time. We can work a rental car, a nice one, cheaper than we can fly to most places these days. I don't particularly care for driving either, but compared to flying . . . well, it's got the edge.

We'll be back on Monday. I intend to keep up with the blog while I'm down there. Maybe not real scintillating posts, but something. Meanwhile, here's Willie:

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