Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Much We Care

Dangerous Felon
Take a look at this guy and answer me two questions: do you think this man is in full possession of his mental faculties? and do you think this man has a home?

If you answered yes to either of the questions, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Another question: does he look like a felon to you? Take your time. Well, guess what? He is. He's been charged with a fourth offense of retail theft, and hence under our absurd three strikes and you're a dangerous criminal practice, he is now a felon. The Boing Boing piece where I found his story is matter-of-fact. This man, Scott T. Shover, 53, was arrested "at taser point" inside of a Wal-Mart store in central Pennsylvania for eating raw meat out of the meat counter. Apparently he was tearing open the packages and doubtless terrorizing other customers. So the police, with their tasers at the ready, came a took him away. He went quietly.

What do you see here? What I see here is likely a homeless guy, probably a mentally ill guy, with no teeth. Who is hungry. Our society has made criminals of such people. Previously, back in those old, unsophisticated days of yore, we put such people in hospitals for the mentally ill, and we fed them. All of that was done on tax monies. If anybody had the temerity to suggest today that we as a society were bound to care for such people among us and that we resume this humanitarian service through the agencies of government . . . why such an apostate would be summarily ushered to the courtyard and tased to death by a gleeful band of law enforcement agents.
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