Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Repulsive . . . in Several Arenas

I like lists. I think most people do. I even remember blogging about it at one time. For the past couple of days I've been confronted with several items of experience that reminds me of things (and people and situations) I find truly repulsive. So I thought I'd share. I think it's repulsive . . .

Would you want to be a polar bear right now?
  • that the average salary of a major league ball player is something like $3.2 million a year. Average.
  • that the Roman Catholic Church thinks that the best way to handle the ever-recurring and still raging sexual abuse of children scandal and especially the complicity of the bishops in perpetuating pedophilia by the clergy is to attack the messenger, i.e., the media, instead of facing up to the stark truth. An institution that presumes to speak for God, no less.
  • that people are outraged by public funds for immigrants and recipients of entitlement programs but don't give a hoot about the Wall Street bankers who are making billions of dollars on taxpayer money and fighting any reform of their nefarious practices. Which, by the way, they're still engaged in, only this time with everybody's money but their own.
  • that our roads are crumbling, along with our sewer systems, bridges, and all other manner of public works, while the US military gets whatever the hell expensive toys it wants. What is wants most of all is war, and they've got two of 'em going. They're in hog heaven.
  • that bloated fat-cat CEOs of companies like this coal outfit in West Virginia, Massey Energy, can simply ignore safety regulations and complaints and endanger the lives of its workers to the point where eventually slipshod practices kill 25 or more of them. Profits over people. It's been that way ever since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.
  • that the Tea Party imbeciles are running around screaming at the top of their lungs about things they know nothing about  and worse, are actually having a serious impact on politics in some places.
  • that scumbag politicians and the media types are doing all they can with lies, half-truths, deceptive spin, and plain malice to stir up fear and encourage the mindless mob to hate people who disagree with them and, moreover, to believe that the entire country is on the verge of collapse because Barrack Obama is the president. 
  • that the habitat of polar bears is melting away and that their very existence in Alaska is doubtful past 2050.
  • that knuckle-dragging gun lovers are running around the woods in camis, playing soldier, and praying for the time when they can take to the woods in earnest with their arsenals to overthrown the "repressive" US government.
  • that hate crimes still happen regularly in this country.
  • that the oceans are being fished out and that by the middle of this century, there could be virtually no fish left . . . just like the oysters in the Lewis Carroll poem. Gone, baby, gone.
  • that the damnable New York Yankees are again favored by most prognosticators to win the World Series again this year.
A partial list at best, but it hits the high points.
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