Monday, December 29, 2008

Lists: I Love 'Em

It's that time of year for lists of stuff from the past year. You know, bests of, worsts of. That kind of thing. If I had any kind of memory at all, I'd construct my own list of stuff. But I'm doing good to remember last week, much less the whole year. So I have to rely on others to post decent lists for me. I've found a few, and I'll share:

The best list I've seen so far is Arianna Huffington's list of things she wants to forget about 2008. Most, as you might suspect, are politcally connected--several about McCain and Palin. I'm in broad general agreement with everything she lists, and thankfully, I can report that several items there I didn't have the foggiest idea about: Tricia Walsh-Smith, Josef Fritzl in Holland (mein Gott im Himmel!), Levi Johnston (whom I should have remembered, but why would anybody want to remember this nobody?), and Ashley Dupre (ditto).

I like movies, so I searched out a few lists of these: Rotten Tomatoes critics' picks for best and worst movies of 2008. Also Newsday's list, and the nice article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Then I discovered something that can only be described as a treasure trove for list lovers, trivia nuts, and information junkies:'s concatenation of list of best-of lists for everything from ads to books to gadgets to music to websites and words. Be forewarned: you could sink into this and never surface. Random samples: Slate's best books, Ten Pretty Obvious Video Favorites, and last but hardly least, The Top 60 Japanese Words/Phrases for 2008.

Knock yourself out.
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