Monday, April 19, 2010


My son alerted me to this site the other day.* Actually, I knew about this site before. I say I knew, meaning I had once encountered the site and thought it was worth keeping for future reference. Which reminds me about the mega-URL saver site, delicious. It a so-called "social networking bookmark" site, but I've never used anything but my own bookmarks.** Delicious used to be called by the same name but it was broken up by several periods: I'm not sure that's right and I'm pretty sure nobody else could ever remember where to put the damn periods, so they finally decided to render it plainly so normal humans could deal with it.

Delicious is there in case you need it. A lot, most, of the links I use all the time are more handy. They are on toolbars or in readily accessible folders. Which sites do you most frequent? I mean after Google. I'm sure almost everybody must use Google more than anything else, that is unless you're a truly independent cuss and don't use Google to search with. And your email site, of course. For me, it would probably be this blog site. One of these days, I'll take the time to find out what the actual tally is.

But to the point, delicious holds for me a treasure of places I might need sometime. Believe it or not, over the years, I've consulted with my delicious bookmark collection probably four or five times a year. It's another one of those "tar baby" places. Get stuck in there and you might not ever get out. Case in point: I just went and checked when I made my first entry into delicious. It was April 10, 2005. And here it is . . . well, hell. That site is busted. Probably gone. Next one up the list did come up: a heavy academic type research site. Whaddaya know? The first site did indeed come up upon the second try. Here's another random site from Baysage's delicious collection. Fun!

How do you handle your bookmarks? How many do you have? Do you use delicious or something like it? IMWTK.

*Not a bad site at all. If you're interested in tracking the lies and truths that emanate from the mouths of politicians, this is an excellent place to do it.

**I've got quite a few of them after saving them for several years now. 1,257 to be exact. You can find another link to delicious and my bookmarks there right here on Powderfinger. Look down under the labels. Apropos of nothing, I wonder how many people play around with the stuff on the right-side column? I occasionally play around with such things on other people's blogs is the reason I'm wondering.
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