Monday, April 12, 2010

One's Not Enough

I'm constantly tinkering with this blog. Anybody who does this knows what I mean. I always correct errors that creep in on what gets posted. Even days later, if I see an error--most of the time for me, it's incomplete sentences--I correct it. Which really doesn't pass the common sense test, because who under the heavens is likely to ever know or notice? But there it is. Sigh.

So here's what I did today. You know that list that appears on the left right way down the column after the blog archive? Yes, that one. The one that's labeled "Labels." Well, I decided that if there's only one entry under a label, it's totally illogical to have it in this list of labels. For if something is only mentioned once in over 500 blog posts, it's not likely to show up again. Plus, how many other thousands of things have I mentioned once that don't appear in the "Labels" list? Lots of times somebody is mentioned in a blog, and I don't create a label because the likelihood of their showing up again is remote. Some however, I thought might, so I made a label. And it turns out they didn't come up again. So I tossed out all those labels that just had one instance attached. Here's what we're saying goodbye to:

Bobby Jindal
death penalty
Eric Holder
Howard Dean
Mark McGwire
Nancy Pelosi
Roger Clemens
The Beatles
Warren Harding
William Henry Harrison

Yes, yes. I know. Some of these references it's hard to believe have only one entry. What can I say? Some of these might resurface if they start making the news. In the meantime, anybody who wants to find Warren Harding in my blog can do the Google search that's right here attached. LeftRight-hand column. Near the top.

Update I: Upon reading this today, I noticed that I wrote this entry before the time I decided to upgrade the look of the blog. Which moved everything that had been on the left-hand side over to the right-hand said. Hence making all references to the "left-hand side" or "on the left" incorrect. Hence necessitating the edit of the original post to correct this egregious misleading of readers. All QED. 
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