Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hedges on the Scary State of Things

You are not going to be particularly uplifted by this speech. But I guarantee you, it is worth the half-hour's time it will take you to listen to it. Hedges is never far from his main theme: we live in a morally bankrupt corporate state. There is no salvation in Democrats and liberals, in fact, they have betrayed us. He is outraged by the immorality we accept. Bravo! Long may he call us to the real truth. Some random quotes:

"They work overtime to make us afraid."
"It is our role to make the powerful frightened of us."

"There are moral imperatives we must respond to even when things are getting worse."

"The threat that we face does not come from Islamic terrorism, it comes from totalitarian capitalism."

Note: Hedges' speech is about 30 minutes long. Then he responds to remarks and questions by and from people from the audience. Worth watching if you have the time. If you hang around, Hedges talks about his personal life, the influence of his father, and how he came to quit the New York Times over the Iraq war. 

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