Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Pride of Owasso

I don't often pick on Oklahoma politicians on the quite sound theory that they are such renowned imbeciles that it would be redundant to pick on them. But I just want to note that a dude named Randy Brogdon from the metropolis of Owasso, Oklahoma, is running for governor. From all indications he's to the right of our dim-witted GOP congressperson Mary Fallin--the gay-basher and "Don't Tread on Me" flag-waver and cheerleader for the rabid dog Tea Party people in DC lately, also running for governor here. 

In a recent speech, he basically called for the state of Oklahoma to sever ties with Washington. Spurred by some hearty "Amens!" from an ancient Baptist preacher in attendance, Brogdon in a recent speech claimed to be more conservative than Fallin, who is basically to the right of Joseph Goebbels, but not nearly as intelligent. The nation as well as individual liberties are at risk, claims Brogdon, because 

"We have slipped back and settled for corruption, ignorance and reckless behavior by our elected officials . . .  “I’m afraid Washington, D.C., has become rotten to the core and it’s going to take all of us to fix it.”

“Historically, we elect career politicians and trial attorneys," he continued. "I’m neither. I’m a heat and air guy from Owasso, Oklahoma.”

This is the same old jive we've been listening to from the right ever since they lost their hold on the government. But you better believe it makes this guy a strong candidate for governor here in this bastion of morons. Just what the state needs in charge, a heat and air guy from Owasso.
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