Monday, March 29, 2010

New Look II

Not so different from the old new look . . . but this look is much more crisp, at least to my eyes. Makes all the colors more vibrant. Did not do much to the basic design. But the title and title quote are now in the masthead photograph. Much better there. And all the stuff that used to be in a left-side column has been moved over to the right. Don't know if it's just because it's new, but now to my eye all that stuff looks like it belongs there. I also tinkered around with the colors and text fonts. Overall, it's a small step up. As befits a blog that has just gained its fifth follower! I'm blown away. [Thanks, JoAnn. May all your cares fit in a pill box.]

(Bloggers who use "Blogger" as their software--if you click the title of this entry, you'll be brought to the template editor in case, like me, you're an inveterate tinkerer with this stuff.)
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