Saturday, March 17, 2012

This is the True America . . .

I present for your edification, if `have not already seen and been repulsed by them already, some samples of the voices of the true America. The one we like to pretend is not really out there, or that if we do admit it's out there, tend to minimize its size and significance. I have always contended, contrary to all the accepted American mythology we so love to rehearse at every opportunity, that the true a America is the one that's talking right here, the racist one with the killer's soul. Ever since Susan and I were talking politics a couple of years ago with a distinguished Oklahoma guy in a swimming pool at a quite nice house at a quite nice party, and the subject was the various ills of the country, and the solution this distinguished Oklahoma gentleman offered was: "First we have to get rid of this nigger president." Well, since then the looming meanness and violence at the heart of the true America has seemed all that more evident to me. So here are a couple of the latest bumper stickers you can plaster on your SUV:

You would proudly drive around with this on your car, right?

Or this?

This kind of thing is exhibit A as to the truth of my oft-repeated observation: we are a doomed country.
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