Saturday, March 24, 2012

Play (Fantasy) Ball! (Almost)

I've been consumed today with getting all my preparation done for the several drafts that will take place over the next few days for my fantasy baseball teams. Yes, that's right: teams, plural. This year I'm going to have three of them. Up from one last season, the first time I ever ventured into fantasy ball of any kind. I can remember years ago thinking that fantasy baseball would require just a lot more time than I had to give it. I'm here to tell you that it must assuredly does consume time. But have to confess also that it stirs the competitive juices, allowing you to assume the role of both general manager and field manager for your own team. It has other excellencies too. It keeps you thoroughly engaged with the game throughout the season. And in my case a special benefit, it allows me to compete against my sons' teams in the same league. (There's honor to be defended, not to mention year-long bragging rights involved here.)

I'm Ready!

The season launches in about 10 days. I cannot wait for the real sport to begin another season.
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