Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So Much Trouble in the World

I just watched this video. Read that it had gone viral and just checked it out of curiosity. About efforts to put a stop to an African Congolese thug named Joseph Kony who, among other heinous acts, kidnaps children for his army. This guy has been burning and looting and killing for nothing but maintenance of his own power for over 20 years. I was moved by the video, but everybody knows I'm a chicken-hearted wuss. Nonetheless, I have read about the practice of turning boys into killers and girls into sex slaves in several African countries. There's a whole army of young people working to get this guy arrested this year. I hope God blesses their efforts.

Throughout I kept thinking of one of Bob Marley's great songs. So sad to say that his observation is as true now as when he first made it

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