Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm a Snob

Rick Santorum: are you kidding me? How can this guy actually still be in the race for the Republican nomination? Fact is, he lost to Mitt "Mr Excitement" Romney in Michigan by a slender margin and apparently is polling well in a number of super Tuesday states. But this guy is an idiot. Certifiable. The latest nonsense to come out of his mouth is his sneering slur on President Obama for . . . are you ready? Endorsing the idea that everybody should attend college. Called him a snob for thinking this. A snob.

Well, sign me up. I'm a snob too. I've believed my whole life that education is the key ingredient for the fullest life. I don't ever talk about the financial benefits of higher education (even thought they're substantial and that's what you hear about 99% of the time. David Sirota, by the way, makes the point much better in this piece.), but rather how much better it is to be acquainted with books, the arts. To have intellectual curiosity and broad interests, to take joy in learning, to be conversant with great literature, to be able to think critically. All of this stuff is the byproduct of education; all of it. And you can live without any of it, but speaking for myself, I would never want to. Think about a life with nothing more in it than television and other empty amusements--not that these things don't have their place. God, no!

You cannot make up morons like Rick Santorum

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