Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Makes Absolutely No Difference

The Fact of the Matter

One thing that's been proven over and over to me, and I still act as if it weren't true most of the time*, is that facts don't matter to people. People believe what they want to believe be they confronted with a hundred, nay, a thousand facts to contradict the belief. Here we have a chart that puts the lie to the constant refrain about the sainted Reagan and how he cut both the size of government as well as how much it spent. In contrast, of course, to that wild-spending present occupant of the White House. There are scads of such myths attached to Saint Ronny, who would not even be electable today. He would be waaaay too far to the left for the Republican party.

*By continuing to present people with facts in during discussions on various topics in the expectation that the scales will fall from their eyes and they will embrace what's true. It almost never happens.
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